Huawei Solar Inverter

CG Trade aims to revolutionize the energy sector of Pakistan and transforming the pattern of energy consumption. Our mission is to make Pakistan independent in energy production by partnering with tier 1 brands and bringing quality products at a reasonable price to facilitate the growth of the energy sector in Pakistan.

CG Trade is an authorized distributor of Huawei Solar inverters in Pakistan. Huawei is a reputable and recognized name in the ICT world and their Huawei Fusion Solar range of products is one if the best in the market.

Huawei solar inverters provide its user with the following benefits:

CG Trade Team Huawei Event 2021
Huawei Event 2021

Awais Bhatti (Asst. Manager BD), M. Zeeshan Minhas (Manager Sales), Zafar Khan (Manager BD), Faraz Aftab (Director Business Development) Aftab A Babar (Chairmen), Sameen Tahir (Manager Marketing), Adeesha Khan (Marketing Officer), Shuja Abbas (Asst. Sales Marketing)

CG Trade | Leading a digitalized and green-powered Pakistan

Solar is the future, there is no mistake about it. As a renewable energy source solar energy suits Pakistan’s climate, the most. However, solar energy only accounts for less than 5% of the energy produced and there is huge potential for growth. As an integral part of the solar industry, Huawei Fusion Solar Club, along

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