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Albarka has been providing high-quality fresh food services for an extended period, but we have not sat back and taken it easy. Albarka is continually enhancing and seeking approaches to better connect with and understand its customers.

Nizame is a new branch of Albarka opened in U.A.E under the Cellsol Group for all import-export and related services. Nizame is dedicated to providing customers with the most incredible fresh product experience possible, including fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen processed and dehydrated food, and spices. Nizame can provide you with in and out-season ingredients for a new experience. Nizame can assist you in looking for fresh vegetables, spices, or anything in between.

Juice Concentrates

Nizame brings Fruit Concentrate for his valuable customers in UAE. We process the fruits and vegetables grown in Pakistan's productive regions. The nutritional value, colour, and flavour of our nutritious fruits are preserved as we make value-added goods using our advanced production technology. When it comes to offering different fruit concentrates from our own sources, we are among the best in the UAE. We produce concentrates by removing the water from fruit juice. Juice output can rise by up to seven times as a result of the evaporation of water, which is often done under vacuum. After that, water is added to the concentrate to reconstitute it. The main advantages of manufacturing concentrates are that they are lighter and smaller in volume, making them easier to transport and store.

Our Products

Why Nizame?


You can depend on Nizame to find, care for, and deliver only the highest quality products. Quality is never compromised at Nizame and is always prioritized.


We rely on technology, automation, responsible procedures, and hard work to provide outstanding customer service.


We work with regional, local, and national vendors. For a list of the products offered, ask a Nizame salesperson.

Our Specialty

Nizame is a company that specializes in exporting high-quality, fresh food. We are a strong collection of agricultural industry experts who like promoting various top farm goods available globally.

Our Vision

Become the industry leader in manufacturing, distribution, and service. To make our vision a reality and advance a healthy food ecosystem on a worldwide scale, we intend to expand our services internationally and actively take part in this fascinating agricultural revolution.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a fresh food experience unmatched in both Freshness and quality on a global scale. While ensuring that the international fresh produce trade functions under international norms and rules and in a cost-effective manner, we strive to achieve sustainable agriculture. Try this, its Organic

100% Organic Food

Our extensive selection of organic fruits, veggies, and spices is notable for being free of harmful preservatives or chemicals. Our goods can help revitalize the entire meal's flavor and ambiance. Their quality is always far better than other traditional foods that are readily available. Preservatives, insecticides, and chemicals can diminish or even destroy the nutrition in organic goods. One of the key objectives is to offer 100% organic food that contains essential nutrients for a balanced diet.

International Production Standards

Nizame follows the highest quality organic fruits, vegetables, dehydrated food, and spices keeping an eye on organic food international standards. All of our products are certified as 100 percent organic in nature. Our Organic farms produce health-friendly food without the use of toxic pesticides.

Simple and Fair Pricing

By charging reasonable pricing, we promote sustainable growth, provide our clients with good value, and support our social responsibility.

Consistent Quality, And Freshness

The food industry is constantly evolving and changing over time. Some food providers fade away over time, while we provide a more promising future for food producers, merchants, and the customers we serve. Ethically sourced, fresh, and organic food is more in demand. Customers may buy with trust since they know the products they choose are safe, healthy, and biologically organic.

Hot Selling Product


Potatoes are a favorite among all people because they can be served in various ways like you can serve potatoes as a main course, side dish, or snack at any time of day. To keep Potatoes fresh for a long time they

  • Should not be exposed to excessive.
  • It should not be kept in a closed container without ventilation.

Our organic potatoes have much lower nitrates and heavy metals than conventional crops and a higher concentration of nutritionally essential elements, including higher vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus levels. In addition, potatoes are an excellent source of dietary fiber, copper, potassium, vitamin B6, and antioxidants.

Our organic potatoes are consequently typically considered to be healthier. They have more extraordinary flavor than traditionally grown crops because some undesirable substances can develop in the soil and potato tubers under conventional farming, which may impact human and animal health.

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