point.png160~600V wide battery voltage range

point.pngBuilt-in multiple operating modes

point.pngSupport up to 10 units in parallel

point.pngBuilt-in arc-fault circuit-interrupter

point.pngSwitch time to EPS mode within 10ms

point.pngExtra load capacity under EPS mode

point.png100% three phase unbalanced output

point.pngIntelligent monitoring & maintenance

Technical Parameters

Recommended max. PV power (STC) 7500Wp(SN5.0HT), 9000Wp(SN6.0HT), 12000Wp(SN8.0HT), 15000Wp(SN10HT), 18000Wp(SN12HT), 22500Wp(SN15HT)
Max. PV input voltage 1000V
Startup voltage 180V
Nominal PV input voltage 620V
MPPT operating voltage range 160V~950V
Number of PV inputs 2 (2MPPTs, 1/1) – (SN5.0-10HT), 3 (2MPPTs, 2/1) – (SN12-15HT)
Max. input current per MPPT 18A – (SN5.0-10HT), 32A/18A – (SN12-15HT)
Max. short circuit current per MPPT 25A – (SN5.0-10HT), 40A/25A – (SN12-15HT)
Nominal grid output power 5000W (SN5.0HT), 6000W (SN6.0HT), 8000W (SN8.0HT), 10000W (SN10HT), 12000W (SN12HT), 15000W (SN15HT)
Max. grid output power 5500VA (SN5.0HT), 6600VA (SN6.0HT), 8800VA (SN8.0HT), 11000VA (SN8.0HT), 13200VA (SN12HT), 16500VA (SN15HT)
Max. grid output current 8.33A (SN5.0HT), 10A (SN6.0HT), 13.3A (SN8.0HT), 16.7A (SN10HT), 20A (SN12HT), 25A (SN15HT) 
Max. input power from grid 7500VA (SN5.0HT), 9000VA (SN6.0HT), 12000VA (SN8.0HT), 15000VA (SN10HT), 18000VA (SN12HT), 22500VA (SN15HT)
Max. input current from grid 11.4A (SN5.0HT), 13.6A (SN6.0HT), 18.2A (SN8.0HT), 22.7A (SN10HT), 27.3A (SN12HT), 34.1A (SN15HT)
Nominal grid voltage 3L/N/PE,  220V/380V or 230V/400V
Nominal grid frequency 50/60
Harmonic(THD) <3%
Power factor range 0.8leading~0.8lagging
Anti islanding protection Yes
Leakage current protection Yes
PV reverse protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Arc-fault circuit-interrupter Yes
RSD Optional
Surge protection DC II/AC II
Battery reverse protection Yes


Max. efficiency 97.80% (SN5.0-6.0HT), 98.20% (SN8.0-15HT)
EU efficiency 97.20% (SN5.0-6.0HT), 97.50% (SN8.0-15HT)
Dimensions (W*H*D) 573*535*206mm
Weight 24.3kg (SN5.0-10HT), 26.1kg (SN12-15HT)
Installation method Wall-mounted
Topology Transformerless
Protection degree IP66
Operating temperature -25 ~ 60℃
Humidity 0 ~ 100%
Cooling method Natural (SN5.0-10HT), Smart fan cooling (SN12-15HT)
Max. operating altitude 4000m (>3000m derating)
Display LED+APP
Communication method Wifi/4G/Ethernet,RS485,CAN


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