Frozen, Processed And Dehydrated Food

Quality is something that must be addressed at any cost in Albarka. Our Reliable and high-quality dried food can be transported easily at average temperatures. Our high-quality dried food can be stored for a long time and a minimum of preparation, but its taste will not change, and it looks like a natural product. The food retains its color, shape, texture, and flavor.

Here’s Albarka! The frozen food options from Albarka make it easy to have the food you want whenever you desire, even when it is out of the season. Albarkais looking for your needs and working for your demands. Albarka proudly presents frozen, processed, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables, all in the fresh and best condition. Our products are of the best quality as we picked them from our farms so that you can enjoy 100 percent organic, fresh, and healthy seasoned frozen fruits and vegetables. On our frozen food selections, we provide very competitive pricing.

Our organically grown and carefully packed dehydrated food lessens the danger of cancer as the nitrate levels are 30 % lower than market food. A low ratio of nitrates in our dried food keeps the threat of cancer away. The market food contains many synthetic chemicals which can cause different diseases in offspring, like methemoglobinemia (the abnormality decreases the baby's capacity to transport oxygen). But Albarka’s organically grown foods and vegetables are away from synthetic chemicals, preventing the danger of different diseases.

No organic food contains almost four times more pesticide residues than organic fruits and vegetables. Our organic dehydrated fruits and vegetables are grown on agrochemicals, and nature-friendly fertilizers, which results in antibiotic resistance in the human body. You can rely on us to provide consistent quality at an affordable price because we are one of Pakistan's top frozen food distributors.Our monthly production for processed and dehydrated food is almost 200 tons.

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