Garlic belongs to a bulbous flowering plant species. Its been used worldwide, with human consumption history of thousands of years. Garlic is used in traditional medicine and also for flavoring food. The scientific name of garlic is allium sativum.

Cultivation Of Garlic

Garlic proliferates in a mild climate. While planting the bulbs, we leave enough space for them to grow maturely and the goal of Albarka is to produce the roots only, not the shoots above the ground. And harvesting process of garlic starts at the end of spring or in the summer by Albarka.

Garlic can also grow in a container with sufficient depth. The soil for it must be dry and loose.

What Are the Health Benefits Of Garlic?
In the field of human health, garlic has been used for years for the treatment of diseases. The reason garlic benefits is the sulfur compounds present in it.

Boost The Immune System: The immune system helps the cells to fight against illness. And garlic helps to boost the immune system to work better. Eating raw garlic can protect you from cough, fever, and other cold diseases. You should eat two cloves of garlic every day. Control Blood Pressure : High blood pressure can cause the risk of a heart attack. By adding garlic to your diet, you can protect yourself from hypertension. If you do not like garlic, you can also take garlic supplements. Cholesterol Level : The fatty component in the blood is called cholesterol. The cholesterol level can be controlled by taking garlic. There are numerous health benefits of garlic cloves, and Albarka is here to provide you with fresh and full of nutrients garlic.

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