The harvested onions of Albarka are ready to use or store for their customers. Onion is a product that is used around the world. It contains a chemical that irritates the eyes but is beneficial for the eyes. It is a plant that grows annually.

Types Of Albarka’s Onion
Onions are commonly available in three varieties of color:
Yellow or Brown Onion
The yellow or brown onions have a sweet taste. It gives a sweet taste to French onion soup.
Red and Purple Onion
The red and purple onions have a sharp taste. These onions use in grilling in the raw form.
White Onion
The taste of white onion is mild, but it changes to sweet when sauteed.
Nutritional Facts Of Onions

Onion contains the following nutrients:
• Calories
• Folate
• Protein
• Fiber
• Carbs
• Fat
• Vitamins
• Potassium
Onions are a rich source of soluble fiber known as fructans. So, onions are a healthy source of fructans. The vitamin C is present in It works for skin and hair maintenance as an antioxidant. The use of onion works for the formation of red blood cells. The vital element for metabolism and cell growth is folate in onion.
How Onions Are Beneficial For Health?
Albarka is providing you with the best of its products which helps:
Your bone to Grow.
• Controls the risk of cancer which is a chronic disease.
• Reduces the risk of allergies.

The Products that Albarka offers are high quality and healthy as well.

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