Pink Salt

Pink salt is made up of rock crystals that are mined, and it has a pink color. Albarka provides you with the best pink salt in the market. That you will enjoy and use as a healthy product.
Which Minerals Does Pink Salt Contain?
Pink salt by Albarka contains valuable minerals which are genuinely healthy.
Following are the names of minerals that are present in pink salt:
• Calcium
• Potassium

Pink Salt Production
Most of the world’s production of pink salt is from Pakistan. And it is a national pride for Pakistan.
Is Pink Salt Healthy?
As we all know, excess of everything is dangerous, so this formula is applied to pink salt too. Salt is essential for regulating various vital processes of the human body. It has both dietary and non-dietary uses.

What are the Non-Dietary Use Of Pink Salt?
As there are numerous dietary uses for pink salt, there are also several non-dietary uses:
• It is used in some bath salts that claim to smoothen our skin.
• Salt lamps also use to make salt lamps.

Pink Himalayan salt total revenue is expected to grow at 4.2 % annually through 2021-2027. It has CAGR is 4.2%. its consumption is high in europe asia specific and north America.

All The products of Albarka are highly nutritional. The fruits and vegetables of Albarka have been preserved in the way that their nutrients remain in them. And they feel fresh to eat and stay healthy. Albarka is serving premium export quality to its customers.


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