Potato is the world’s main crop. Used as cooked vegetable and flour. The skin color of potatoes is in a wide range from brownish-white to purple. Potatoes are from the nightshade family. Potatoes are fat and cholesterol-free vegetable.
Free Source Of Vitamin C
Potatoes are rich in vitamin C. That is an antioxidant, which helps you to protect your cells
size and they are sweet in taste.


How You Can Use Potatoes?

Food Uses: Fresh potatoes can be baked, fried or boiled. We can make various recipes from it. Frozen potatoes are widely used in the form of french fries. Dehydrated potatoes are used in mashed products, as food aid. In food industries, dehydrated potatoes are used to bind meat mixtures and for thickening soup. Non-Food Uses: Potato starch is used by the pharmaceutical industries, textile industries, and paper and wood industries. The starch of potatoes is a biodegradable substitute. To produce fuel-grade ethanol, potato starch is fermented. Potato is widely used as fast food. It is delicious to eat and healthy to live. It also provides various facilities for life. Buy it from Albarka as we are providing one of the best and 100% natural Potatoes for our customers

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