Albarka is offering you its production of turmeric. Turmeric can be used freshly, but to get it in powder form, people boil it and dry it under the sunlight. After that, they powdered it. The color it gets is orange-yellow.
In Asian cuisines, it is used as a coloring and flavoring agent. Turmeric is a warm vegetable that is bitter.
Is Turmeric Advantageous For Human Body?
Yes. Turmeric is good for health. And it is about to think, that product which Albarka is offering how can not it be unhealthy.
The beneficial health nutrients that turmeric contains:
• Potassium
• Fiber
• Vitamins
• Carbohydrates


Turmeric can reduce inflammation as it has anti-inflammatory elements. Chronic disease : Using turmeric may reduce the risk of various chronic diseases like cardiac diseases, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's. What Is The Industrial Use Of Turmeric? The use of turmeric is also in industries. In industries, turmeric is used for dying purposes. The textile industries use turmeric to dye cloths in mustard color. Turmeric is also used in cosmetics. With time many fields of industries are going to use turmeric. Turmeric, as a dying agent used in industries and for cooking, is offered by Albarka.

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